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Spotlight - Curator Mircea Turcan



Though technically only a collection of links, Genetrative.Net is an ever-growing listing of work and reserch in the field of generative and software art. Started in 2002 by Adrian Ward (of Auto Illustrator fame), the minimal website continues to this day to be updated with submissions by various artists interested in exploring the possibilities and limitations of autonomous, process-driven art. A must-stop for every coder/designer out there.
Design: Adrian Ward,


State Design

State Design is a London based design company whose work spans across a (literally) large variety of media. Mark Hough and Philip O’Dwyer mix their design principles with smooth motion graphics and advanced programming to deliver some of the richest environments and media-solutions I’ve seen in recent years. They are responsible for the OneDotZero websites and DVDs, as well as some exquisite work for Playstation, MTV and, more recently, NESTA Futurelab.
Design: state design,



My personally favorite photography and fashion outlet, 4 years since its inception, Showstudio continues to keep ahead of most trends. In late 2003, the website slightly changed its focus towards its own practice, employing the use of web-cams to build a “live” and transparent vision of their work. Currently driving some of the slickest, post-glamourous, organic aesthetics, Nick Knight’s studio was recently involved in the making of the Pirelli calendar 2004 and the Dior website, aside building visuals for Massive Attack and projects with Alexander McQueen and Viviane Westwood. Check out their archives for a (long) list of beautifully crafted work.
Design: Showstudio in-house design,



Absorb is a monthly online-magazine dedicated (primarily) to electronic music. Filled with reviews of recent releases and live acts, articles, links and delicious radio broadcasts, Absorb is a very good resource for any electronic music lover. Even though it’s not very obvious at first sight, the reviews are accompanied by links to a lot of nicely designed websites for both artists and record labels.
Design: Redux Desktop,


Apple Advanced Computation Group - Xgrid

Apple’s ACG is responsible for reseach in issues related to high-performance computing and advanced algorithms (also known as supercomputing) for use in scientific, educational and engineering sectors. One particularly interesting programme is Xgrid, a clustering software intended for network-based intensive computation. Though it doesn’t accelerate nor “grid-enable” the existing applications (you would have to update them to use the Xgrid APIs), it’s an “out-of-the-box” platform that can run batch jobs for already compiled executables on PowerPC clusters, taking full advantage of collective idle-CPU potential.
Design: Apple in-house design team,


Mircea Turcan / / /

Mircea Turcan is co-founder and Creative Director at Restate Media, a multidisciplinary media production facility based in Monterrey, Mexico. He is involved in several experimental web-projects (among them,, and, is an active member of the online design community (editor of and, a live-performer (VJ sets and live data-manipulation), an associate designer for various urban/fashion magazines (domestica, Lumiere, Fashion) and also produces and directs music videos.
Mircea is an associate teacher at the Center for Superior Design Studies (CEDIM) in Monterrey, Mexico, where he gives lectures in advanced multimedia.
His work has been reviewed and presented in numerous online and offline magazines, presented in various exhibitions, and more recently, included in two editorial efforts, WWD07 and E-Project, vol2.
His personal website,, showcases some of his personal projects.

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