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Challenge - "Being Jemma Gura"
Jay David:

I've always been curious about the different perspectives people have on the world and how they react to it. I often wonder what risks I would take to change something in my life or cut off some weight that's holding back a possible new potential. Much time is spent scoping the endless possibilities and effects of certain choices and how they may have shaped my life. If you had the option, do you think you would choose a life being a simple and carefree, yet unimaginative happy person, or an unusually bright and creative unhappy person? Dumb down Jemma Gura a few more times and tell me what she would be doing.

Jemma Gura:

If given the choice, I'd have to pick the simple/dull life. I know it's trite, but living on a beach really appeals to me. I spent most of my childhood on the beach and miss it quite a bit. I'd gladly toss aside a creative challenging life, for days of little more than listening to the ocean and sipping cocktails on the sand. Of course, this is all in theory... who knows if I could actually follow through with it. Maybe not.

Jemma Gura is an artist and designer working in print, packaging and interactive. Her work, including - an aesthetic exploration, has been featured in numerous reviews and books and has co-authored a book which challenges designers to force the boundaries of their creative tools. She is art director at Kilter, an award-winning design firm creating thoughtful, compelling brand experiences targeting the Generation Y consumer. Jemma lives and works in Minneapolis.

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