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Clarissa Tossin is an artist running a one_woman_design_studio concept based in São Paulo, Brazil, since 2002, exploring the possibilities of the graphic design's creative world in its most embracing meaning, not always commercial.
Clarissa Tossin is also focused on free associations with other independent artists (Vermelho Gallery), musicians (, programmers/designers ( , fashion designers(Karlla Girotto) for an exchanging process with other disciplines that intends to create a fusion between individual and collective approaches for hybrid results.
Past and present clients include Vogue Brasil, MTV Brasil, MTV Latina, Bizarre Records, Trama Records, São Paulo Fashion Week, Liquid Frontiers (Austria), O2 Filmes, Gullane Filmes and Galeria Vermelho (Art Gallery).
Tell us about your design and illustration process (techniques). Do you start on paper or on screen? What kind of computer (MAC / PC) and what software do you use?

Very chaotic.... many files until to get the point. It's very rare to start designing on paper. I write down some ideas and sometimes I do very imprecise sketches but the design itself get its shape into the computer.
I choose the software based on the kind of work I have in mind to do and not the other way around. I usually work with Illustrator, Photoshop, FreeHand, Fontographer, Flash to list some.
My computer is a PowerBookG4 (Titanium) and you can find all kind of software installed in it beyond the regular graphic ones.

Your works are very complex and they display a mixture of natural and abstract elements. Where do you get the inspiration from?

I get inspiration from my daily life. Any kind of experience can became an input for a work approach. About my compositions ... well ... That's the way it happens. Maybe I like to use details because I'm an observer. But there is something very important to pint here, I believe “style” and individuality is related to personal approaches and views, what I consider so relevant as the visual features for a designer. My works’ appearance will probably change with time.

Studying some your work I felt like you were playing with perfect shapes, adding and mixing a chaotic side. What can you tell us about the shapes and compositions from your illustrations?

For each one I had different reasons for my design choices. Some of them were about the meaning, sometimes the result was reached by any experiments or by chance. One step after the other and then a production of a while works as a whole. Not because I have thought about that first but that's the way the creation process happen.

How does music affect your work? Do you prefer an easy chill-out or a loud rock while working ?

It depends on my mood. It could be something from SND to Flaming Lips without forgetting how essential silence can be. I like to listen to the daily urban sound.

Tell us about your typical work day.

Very ordinary even tough my office is part of my house so I try to mix some leisure habits with work's commitments. I spend 75% of the day in front of the computer. it's not exactly what I want to do every day but ... The rest of the time is related to meetings, phone calls, Print Houses and all these stuffs.

If not a designer / illustrator, what else do you think you could be doing today?

anything else.

You made works for MTV & fashion designers but also children books. Which was your most exiting, most rewarding project so far and why?

You've pointed three examples that was very pleasant to develop. Actually what I have to say is that I like to work with different projects or at least different materials/media each time. What I don't like is to have to do the same kind of work for a long time. I try to balance my jobs thinking about that.

What project that you've done has been the hardest and why?

Humm ... there are many stories that fit in here but let's talk about the most recent ... I've just finished an animation for TOP 20 MTV Brasil opening TV show and it was very hard because of the tight deadline. I had to develop 1 opening animation of 15s + 2 bumpers of 7s + 20 of 5s in 10 days. It was my first big animation job and I did all the work alone. It was very tiring but the best work of last month.

What are your plans for the future ? Any exciting new projects ?

yes. I'm finishing my collaborations for a contemporary Brazilian design exhibition that will take place in Ferme de Buisson/France/ in May. There is a lot of good works to be seen there. Also, for those who are in Canada there are some of my latest works in a exhibition at Pixel Gallery.

Would you like to share some final thoughts?

better to share love. :)

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