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Juan Aldabaldetrecu is considered as one of the most important Spanish fashion photographers. He was born in 1960 in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa (Basque Country, Spain), but he began his career in Zaragoza, after doing some courses in photography he opened a little studio and started shooting for local designers. Some years later, around 1988, he moved to Madrid to present his portfolio to the most important fashion magazines.

After having worked for several fashion and beauty magazines like Vogue, Vanidad, GQ, Woman and Men’s Health, now he exclusively shoots for Elle Spain. A part of his editorials, he shoots for some of the most prestigious brands like Mango, Cortefiel, Calzedonia, Baume & Mercier, Brunella, Victorio y Lucchino, Pedro del Hierro, Belcor, Codorníu and Ericsson.

During his career he has been developing his own and personal style, fresh and contemporary at same time without using too much digital retouching, so that the pictures do not lose “the soul” and look more real.


The photo was shot in the studio (Daylight - Madrid) using a Canon 1DS, 50mm, with Lighting equipment composed by profoto flashes with reflectors. Juan tried to keep a fresh and contemporary style at same time without using too much digital retouching.

The photo was shot for an editorial realized for Elle Spain. The model is Ana Huber, born December 5th, 1983 - from Group Madrid agency.

Juan Aldabaldetrecu is represented by:

Gianfranco Meza & Co.
Deluxe Visión S.L.
Diputación, 282, 1º 2ª D
08009 Barcelona

Tel. (+34) 93.302.35.30
Fax (+34) 93.302.73.12

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