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Editorial - Why did it take so long?
It all started in autumn 2000 ... I was presenting some ideas of an online magazine that could be different than the existing design portals, combining fashion editorials with artist features and some pretty original concept called chain of challenge. In a few hours after our discussion we had some first drafts of the concept. For a few months then, Experimental Magazine existed just as a few tons of notes with concepts and ideas which I kept throwing into a brown shoe box.
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Cover Girl - Ana Huber - by Juan Aldabaldetrecu
Juan Aldabaldetrecu is considered as one of the most important Spanish fashion photographers. During his career he has been developing his own and personal style, fresh and contemporary at same time without using too much digital retouching, so that the pictures do not lose “the soul” and look more real.
After having worked for several fashion and beauty magazines like Vogue, Vanidad, GQ, Woman and Men’s Health, now he exclusively shoots for Elle Spain.
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Featured Editor - Julius Wiedemann
Julius Wiedemann was born and raised in Brazil. After studying graphic design and marketing, he left the country to live in Japan for almost 4 years, where he worked in Tokyo as art editor for digital and design magazines. He subsequently joined TASCHEN as the editor in charge of digital titles and is currently based at the company’s headquarters in Cologne. In 2001, he edited the book Digital Beauties and since then has been building up TASCHEN’s digital collection. (read this article)
Challenge - "Being Jemma Gura" - by Jay David
I've always been curious about the different perspectives people have on the world and how they react to it. I often wonder what risks I would take to change something in my life or cut off some weight that's holding back a possible new potential. Much time is spent scoping the endless possibilities and effects of certain choices and how they may have shaped my life. (read this article)
Review - Japanese Graphics Now!
The book is organized as a compendium of works divided in four sections: Packaging, Posters & Ads, Print and Web Design. The illustrations are excellent and the ultra-clean layout will make your reading experience one of the best. Some of the packaging pages are so real and the products are so perfect that I felt like visiting a museum while reading the book. (read this article)
Curator: Mircea Turcan - co-founder and Creative Director at Restate Media, a multidisciplinary media production facility based in Monterrey, Mexico. He is involved in several experimental web-projects (among them,, and, is an active member of the online design community (editor of and, a live-performer (VJ sets and live data-manipulation), an associate designer for various urban/fashion magazines (domestica, Lumiere, Fashion) and also produces and directs music videos. (read this article)
Featured Artist - Clarissa Tossin
Clarissa Tossin is an artist running a one_woman_design_studio concept based in São Paulo, Brazil, since 2002, exploring the possibilities of the graphic design's creative world in its most embracing meaning, not always commercial.
Past and present clients include Vogue Brasil, MTV Brasil, MTV Latina, Bizarre Records, Trama Records, São Paulo Fashion Week, Liquid Frontiers (Austria), O2 Filmes, Gullane Filmes and Galeria Vermelho (Art Gallery).
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