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 Cover Girl - Daniela Pestova - by Antoine Verglas

Photographer Antoine Verglas was born in Paris in 1962. He began his career on the other side of the camera, working as the host on a popular French television show after graduating from France's prestigious E.S.C. school of business. Verglas then had the idea that would be his entree to the fast paced world of fashion photography.


 Featured - Berit Somme

Berit Somme studied art and graphic design for five years, worked with everything from traditional paintings, sculpture, printing works and illustrations. Berit worked as art director and illustrator before she decided to start a freelance career four years ago. She lives in Stavanger, Norway working both print and screen in a creative team with her husband.


 Challenge - Best Friends

A best friend is someone who has an unspoken or undefined understanding of another person and his or her emotions. It involves knowing another person better than yourself and being able to read and react to the smallest amount of body language.


 Spotlight -

A collaborative project 100% made in Philippines, combining impressive content with original interface and illustrations. It aims to gather designers and artists from all over the world, challenging them to create and expose their work in an international medium.


 Review - New Masters of Photoshop

This book meaning is not to teach, but to guide in an exploration of different styles and attitudes. It will offer you information on the start points and artistical evolution of the most eloquent web and print masters. It will also illustrate and explain the most unique and original techniques used by digital artists with Photoshop as main tool.


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