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 Cover Girl - Linda Evanghelista - by Patrick Demarchelier

One of the most famous photographers of fashion of this decade, the eloquent Patrick Demarchelier created a successful career as main photographer of Harper's Bazaar and as the autor of important international advertising campaigns for marks like Chanel, Calvin Klein, The Gap, Gianni Versace or Georgio Armani.


 Featured - Arnaud Mercier

Arnaud Mercier, French graphic designer and author of elixirstudio, is a very respected figure of the design community. Arnaud began his career in France with his own studio, designing print, video and interactive pieces for clients such as Alcatel, France Telecom, and EMI. He now is an art director at Blast Radius where he exercises his talent for Nike and Atlantic Records.


 Challenge - Between teenage angst and a mid life crisis

When you get older, and you're tossed into it all, there's no escaping decision-making. You reluctantly accept having to answer questions with simple "yes" or "no"s because like you, people are now busy with their own lives. There's no more sitting around, loafing in front of a blank sheet of paper, doodling because you like to.


 Spotlight -

Online portfolio of Anton Watts displaying great car photographs and editorials with very neat flash design by British studio designuk. Car styling adepts will find a great photo resource and the photography fonds will notice the professionalism of Anton Watts showcase.


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