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 Cover Girl - Gaelle - by Stéphane BOURSON

The art of Stéphane BOURSON denotes a great measure of talent and a very powerful determination. His vision of beauty is one that captivates, lingers and inspires. The most intriguing aspect of his career is that he has never attended a school to learn photography. He is a self educated, young, but very creative fashion photographer. Stephane started his career in 1998, working for iTISPhoto agency and he is currently located in Paris, France where he owns a photo studio.

 Featured - Designer Bodi Antal

Bodi Antal was born in Brasov, Romania (1973) and studied 6 years at the Ioan Andreescu Visual Arts Academy in Cluj Napoca, attending the Design and Decorative Arts College with a Bachelor degree in Design. In present he's senior designer in the department of user interface design of Deuromedia (

 Challenge - How to make a cube

I feel that nothing and everything is perfect in this world. Look at the endless examples of natures fractals. Look at a leaf, or look at the left side of your face in comparison to the right side of your face. I feel that perfection in everyday life is really non-measurable. look at rulers.

 Spotlight -

A very interesting site displaying the development of a film project by Brian Taylor. Clean web site design and easy navigation combined with amazing 3D animations and a very special attention to detail. Excellent content reflecting the stages of the project: storyboards, concept art, and test movies available to preview.


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