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 Editorial - Why did it take so long?

It all started in autumn 2000 ... I was presenting some ideas of an online magazine that could be different than the existing design portals, combining fashion editorials with artist features and some pretty original concept called chain of challenge ....

 Featured Artist - Clarissa Tossin

Clarissa Tossin is an artist running a one_woman_design_studio concept based in São Paulo, Brazil, since 2002, exploring the possibilities of the graphic design's creative world in its most embracing meaning ...

 SPECIAL - Featured Editor - Julius Wiedemann

For our SPECIAL 4th ISSUE, we took an extra featured interview with editor Julius Wiedemann. Born and raised in Brazil, he studied graphic design and marketing, then he left the country to live in Japan. For almost 4 years he worked in Tokyo as art editor for digital and design magazines ...

 Challenge - "Being Jemma Gura" - by Jay David

I've always been curious about the different perspectives people have on the world and how they react to it. I often wonder what risks I would take to change something in my life or cut off some weight that's holding back a possible new potential.

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 Experimental Magazine

EXPERIMENTAL MAGAZINE is a general art and entertainment magazine covering topics from design and photography interests to the most provocative concepts of visual culture.

EXPERIMENTAL MAGAZINE is written for creatives in the fields of design and photography, innovators and professionals focused on visual culture.

Our editorial mission is to provide the latest community news, articles, interviews and cutting-edge design/photography techniques to people and companies involved in developing visual experimentations.

 Review - Japanese Graphics Now!

The book is organized as a compendium of works divided in four sections: Packaging, Posters & Ads, Print and Web Design. The illustrations are excellent and the ultra-clean layout will make your reading experience one of the best ...


This issue, our spotlight currator is Mircea Turcan - co-founder and Creative Director at Restate Media, a multidisciplinary media production facility based in Monterrey, Mexico.


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